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Our MLS search engine can be customized to your likings and automatically updated daily or more often*, and can be integrated into your own existing real estate website or become a driving force for a brand new site.
* Depending on a platform.
Search Engine Optimization

85% of all website traffic originates from the search engines, and sites appearing on the first page of search results have the most chance to get visited. So anyone serious about establishing an effective online business presence needs to work on appearing high among search results. This is where Search Engine Optimization Services provided by Antech Computer Solutions come into play.

Every website has different requirements and operates in a different environment with different competition. And that is why we will customize each of our packages to meet your website's specific needs.

There are two kinds of SEO Services: Organic Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Marketing. We provide both of these services.
Pay Per Click is generally pricier but is especially useful for new websites in order to get visible in the Search Engines fast while the website establishes its presents organically.
Organic SEO usually costs less and though it takes longer to see its results it is much more effective in the long run.

Each SEO Service Package can be set up as a one time project or as a monthly service. Free initial consultation is included. Contact Us now to get started!


• Keywords Research
• PPC Campaign Planning and Setup
• Existing PPC Campaign Analysis (if applicable)
• PPC Campaign Optimization
• Detailed monthly performance reports
• PPC Campaigns with major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc)


Please check out the two packages below and choose the one that suites your present goals.

Basic Organic SEO Plan
This plans includes the absolute "must do's" that lay a foundation of any SEO efforts. More specifically,
• Keyword Research
• Key Phrases Optimization
• On-page Optimization
• Creation of Title Tags based on initial keyword research
• Description Tags
• Alt Tags
• Site Links Optimization
• Site Map
• Robots.txt File
• Google Submission
• Yahoo Submission
• Search Engine Submissions to other major search engines (besides Google and Yahoo) and general directories such as DMOZ, AOL, MSN and many more
• Initial Search Engine Optimization report
• Email Support
Advanced Organic SEO Plan
This plan is a step up from the basics. It not only creates a foundation for you SEO campaign, but brings faster results, as it also includes some marketing and additional SEO related efforts. So you will get
• All Basic services
• Image Optimization
• Website Traffic Analysis
• Submission to Related Directories
• Manual Link Requests to related websites
• Link Development
• Pre-Optimization Report (includes ranking, outbound and inbound links, page indexation, keyword effectiveness, traffic and more)
• Competition Analysis Report
• Monthly Ranking Progress Report
May we recommend: Advanced Plan. As it includes everything for a highly effective SEO campaign and keeps you fully informed about what your money is being spent on.
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