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Network Services

Networks offer endless possibilities for your work and leisure thru accessing and sharing data, pictures, music, and equipment. Multiple computers can be connected to a single Cable or DSL line which means that every computer in your home or office will have high speed Internet access at the same time.

Networks can be Wired or Wireless (or a combination of two) and their configuration differs depending on your needs and a variety of other factors. With wireless network there are no wires to restrict where you can surf the web with your laptop - by the pool, on a kitchen counter or someplace else within its range.

We offer the following network services:

• Wired/Wireless Network Setup

Wireless access points, wireless range extenders, network routers, office cable runs and everything else you might need.

• Wired/Wireless Network Configuration

After a network has been set-up there are several things that need to be done to complete the process, like securing your network, users and permissions set-up.

• Network Expansion

Got another computer or a new staff member? We can add additional workstations to your network configuration adjust permissions and network accounts.

• Network Troubleshooting

Network connection is unstable or lost, cannot access some of the shared resources, troubles printing or scanning? Just give us a call, the issue will be resolved.

• Network Printer/Scanner Setup

Everyone will be able to print or scan from any computer in the network and only one printer/scanner is needed.

• Internet Setup and Configuration

Broadband or dial-up, cable runs if needed, equipment hook-up and tune-up (depending on service type). We will set up your Internet accounts and install all the necessary software.

• E-mail Setup and Configuration

We can setup new e-mail accounts or configure existing ones, install and tune-up email software, create/import/export contact lists. E-mail forwarding and pick-up from your several e-mail boxes can be arranged as well.

• VPN Connectivity

Want to work from home? Then we can install a VPN service and configure it to allow secure remote access to your office computers via virtual private network (VPN).

• Spyware Protection

Spyware (adware, malware) is computer software that collects personal information about users without their informed consent. And the spread of spyware requires close attention and protection techniques to remove or disable existing spyware and prevent its installation in the future.
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