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Leningrad, originally entitled Christmas in Leningrad, came about after reading of the Russian city – now called, St Petersburg – being surrounded by the Germans during World War 2. Very little food, aside from that smuggled in by black market gangs, got into the city and, as a result, residents were forced to eat each other’s pets. Swapping pets was more tolerable than eating one’s own.


As things got worse, families, particularly the women, had to make tough decisions regarding their children, going as far as to allow sick ones to slowly die so as to keep the healthier ones alive. Can you imagine being faced with that sort of choice?

Other horror stories of cannibal gangs are mostly unfounded, but it most certainly went on to some degree. This short film tells a lot in a very short amount of time and you may need to watch it several times to fully appreciate every nuance. Please enjoy.


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