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General Services

Whatever your computer needs are you can rely on our fast and professional service.

• Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad

Whatever your Mac-related questions or needs are, we will have them addressed.
MacBook Air/Pro, iMac, Mac Pro/mini, iPhone/iPad, iCloud, e-mail, contacts, calendars, Apps, setup, synch and more. Let's get started!

• Laptop Repair and Upgrade

Just like a desktop, your laptop needs to be in top shape so you can depend on it. We will help to achieve that.

• Data Backup

If all you store on your hard drive is a few pictures and several letters to your friends, then when it suddenly crashes and there is no way to retrieve that information it's upsetting but not critical. But what if there were your work projects, finances, contacts?.. Everyone needs a backup!

• Data Recovery and Transfer

The crash happened and you didn’t have a backup. We are experts at retrieving that lost data.
Maybe you just bought a new computer and need your information and files from the old one transferred. We'll do. And with certain computer systems purchased from us data transfer is included at no additional charge.

• Computer Repair

For your convenience we offer on- or off-site repair options. You don't have to mess with wires behind your computer; leave that to us. We'll come to your home or office, diagnose the problem, offer possible solutions and complete the repair in a timely manner.

• New Custom Computers

We don't sell "Package deal" computers. All our systems are built to order, with your needs and wishes in mind. All software comes installed and customized; no need to purchase anything else for your new computer. Free delivery and installation, 1 year limited warranty included at no charge. And if you do run into problem or simply have a question - we're just a phone call away, no 2 hours on hold time or overseas outsourcing.

• Troubleshooting

If you are having a problem with your computer resources, all you need to do is give us a call. We will locate the problem - whether it's your hardware, software or peripheral equipment - and offer possible solutio

• Video Surveillance Systems

Professionally installed Surveillance Systems offer great opportunities for watching over your business, children or anybody you need to keep an eye on. Today we offer cameras that can accommodate any need: inside or outside, night and low light, hidden, wireless or wired. Some systems offer remote viewing over the Internet. So you could be vacationing somewhere in Florida and watch your business here in Rehoboth Beach right on the screen of your laptop.

• System Cleanup

Like everything else computers get dirty literally and clotted with virtual junk. Dirt, dust and foreign objects prevent normal air flow and cooling of computer internal components, thus shortening its life and making them overheat. You'll be surprised how much professional cleanup will reduce overheating hazard, prolonging your electronic friend's life.

• Optimization for Performance

As mentioned above virtual junk is one factor why your computer "thinks" too long now. Removing temporary files, uninstalling old programs, disk cleanup and defragmentation, system startup optimization, etc, along with the physical cleanup, are a part of Computer Cleanup package, which will help your computer to run at its best and for as long as possible.

• Virus Diagnosis and Removal

Some viruses just show weird pictures on your monitor. Some may crash your entire system. The latest viruses steal vital information from your computer - your address, credit card information, Social Security number and more. With these dangers in mind, we recommend installing software that protects you and your computer from viruses and spyware.

• Office Equipment Maintenance

Printers, scanners, faxes installation, support, troubleshooting, repair and upgrade as needed.

• OS and Software Installation and Tune-up

You don't want to be bothered by software compatibility issues, figure out how to import your old address book to newly installed mail client, or hunt for a new video driver to improve resolution on a newly purchased LCD screen, do you? Then give us a call!

• Computer Hardware Upgrade

With time the same computer that was quick and efficient a couple of years or more ago becomes really slow and frustrating or even unable to run certain applications. In some cases maintenance will help, at least to some extent. But more likely an upgrade is needed. Computer technology is a very fast changing industry, and as technology improves, computers become faster and the software is made with those new performance capabilities in mind. So older computers have to struggle to satisfy new software requirements and sometimes they cannot do that without extra memory or hard drive capacity.

Let us bring to your attention that in order to avoid costly recoveries or black-outs and for your computer to perform at its best, there are several things you might consider that need to be done on a regular basis. Please call or e-mail us and refer to our Computer Maintenance Service.

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