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Evicted is a short film, brilliantly directed by Lee Howard and Steven Arnold, starring, Steven Arnold, Jonny Dixon (both of Coronation Street fame) and Lawrence Stubbings, inspired by the numerous documentaries on British TV regarding squatting – a British term for people residing in an empty house without the landlord’s knowledge and also, as a result, not paying rent. Not paying the rent affords the squatter the ability to destroy the property as they see fit, often causing thousands of pounds worth of damage without ever having to pay a penny to repair it.


As much as I can sympathise with squatters and their needs, I was more taken by the other end of the scale. For the squatters, well they get to move to the next property. The heartache that the genuine homeowners must go through as the expenses – not only through damage to their property, but also as each stage of the court procedure seems fruitless – continues to rise, sometimes to insurmountable heights. I empathised with that pain. I felt the anger and the heartache. Couples on the verge of bankruptcy even divorce. Destroying people’s lives. Ordinary people being pushed to extraordinary limits are surely capable of extraordinary measures… and that is what Evicted is. An extraordinarily entertaining short that tackles a very serious social problem. Please enjoy.


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