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Too much content these days is copypasta, and if not directly stolen from a website that also stole it from a website that also stole it from a website and so on, it might as well be anyway because it’s just so effing samey, samey. Lifeless, dull, ordinary, boring… ugh, safe. What content needs is soul, a real writer with a real writer’s voice to work their magic, penetrate their love stick right into the core of the project and pump and pump until it sprays ingenious creativity. Works for me.

Allow me to pull back a little… just a little, mind. Last thing I want to do is turn into a boring dweeb (remember when that word was popular?) that boringly preaches about how boring content can be these days. Lest we forget too, Google’s drive to keep repeated content out of the search engines altogether. Gone are the days when an unscrupulous, uncaring webadmin could piggyback off other websites and in some cases, even wrongly leapfrog them. Google’s Penguin update back in 2012 had the effect of wiping 1 in 10 websites from the top search lists and, in some unfortunate cases, from appearing in the search at all. The other thing is that you will not know if you’re being penalised for copypasta or extremely poor content as there will not be any warnings – aside from the more blatant cases where direct copyright infringement or plagiarism has been discovered. This is where I can help you.

“Whether your content is pre-filled or needs filling, I can help!”

What I offer is 100% original, fresh, well researched (if required) content written by a real human being with genuine passion for the written word in all its forms. I can change my writer’s persona to match the mood/tone or need of a particular project and each project will be tackled from the ground up. My strength is in my creativity. Each project will have a story to tell, a beginning, a middle and an end and I have a gift for finding the most original aspect of a business and using that as a basis to bounce off.

Being freelance means that I can charge very reasonable rates and I’m happy to provide on-the-spot written relative examples of the type of content you require to prove that I am not just capable of doing the job before you hire me, but also to show the level of creativity that I can bring to your project. A try before you buy, kinda thing.

If you buy through my email as opposed to the many freelancer sites out there, my prices are considerably cheaper, obviously as I don’t have them taking a slice. Cut out the middleman and contact me directly today using my email: dustin7375@gmail.com

Prices start at £40 for 500 words of original content!

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